Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Post

Alright we are going live now here at the Miner residence in beautiful Provo UT. We make no guarantees as to how often to post or update, but we will attempt to attempt to try(as the Koreans would say). We've been in our new place for just about one month now and are still getting in the swing of things. I am currently majoring in Exercise Science at BYU and working at NuSkin as well. Whitley is working at Wells Fargo. Last night we went to the Benton Paul/Kalai concert which was incredibly fun. It was at Thanksgiving Point at the Waterfall amphitheater. Benton is a previous roommate of mine so it was good to talk to him and his wife Jen. Well this is it for the first post! I'll put up a few pics of our new place for all to see. Enjoy!


heather said...

Yay for family bloggers!!! I'm so excited you guys started a blog, oh what fun! I can't wait to see you guys next week!!!

leanne miner said...

So I LOVE how you posted a picture of the new phones! Hehe! Tell Whitley that blogging isn't so bad :) It's so nice to have you guys near by for sunday dinners and such and such!

Megs said...

It was fun seeing you guys at the BYU-Utah bash. Too bad you brought the Cougars bad luck...

Good luck at the WF on Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are few places I'd rather be for the holidays than working at a bank in Utah!

We'll miss you guys.


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