Sunday, October 5, 2008

Waiting for our T-Mobile G1's!!

For those of you who do not know, on Sept 23rd, Google and T-Mobile officially announced the Android OS will be running on the new T-Mobile G1. Android is a type of Open source operating system created by Google and the first phone it will be running on is the T-Mobile G1. We originally planned on just me(Trevor) getting it at this time because Whitley was not suppose to be eligible for an upgrade for quite a while however, I signed on to her account just to check and saw that they had her eligible for a whole discount as well so on Sept 23 we both pre-ordered our Black T-Mobile G1's! We now find ourselves at the computer quite often checking on the latest information for this innovative product. I've spent at least a good 30 mins playing with a half working emulator for this phone (here's the link...check it out! =]) it's kinda fun just to get an idea of how it'll work. It is suppose to ship on Oct 20th and get here on the 22th so we only have about 17 days left to go! Haha we both kinda feel like little kids waiting for Christmas. Check it out HERE!

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Joey and Ashley said...

TREEEVVVVOOOORRRR!!!!! How are you?! This is so funny cuz I just got facebook last week and I saw Jake on there and he is getting married..which is crazy! I didnt see you on there yet! Im still getting used to it! But..Congrats on getting married! Thats so awesome! Being married is the best..seriously! You guys look cute together! She must be a really good person to put up with you! jk!

Ps...that phone is a "wannabe IPHONE"....


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